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It all begins in Hawaii

Dancing to the beat of her wildflower heart and seashore soul

In 2001, I traveled to Hawaii staying in Kona. While there, I hiked up Kilauea volcano which was stunningly beautiful. Looking into the crater, I was drawn to a glowing orchid growing right on the rim of the volcano, just above the bubbling lava. Everything around that orchid was burnt and dry, but the orchid itself was thriving. This visual drew for me, an immediate parallel to skin care. In the driest seemingly lifeless conditions, repair, hydration, and vibrancy are possible! This was a defining moment for me, one which led me to pursue a rewarding career as a skin care specialist.

My journey to become a skin care specialist began in 2009 at Santa Barbara City College where I became a licensed Esthetician. I practiced esthetics and managed an all-natural skin care shop in Sebastopol for eight years. During that time, I taught monthly classes on natural skincare, how to navigate the beauty industry as a consumer, and many other related skin care topics. As I moved to further my experience in the beauty industry, I took a position at the West Sonoma Inn and Spa as the Spa Director and lead Esthetician. This was a fantastic experience until the 2019 Russian River flood shut us down overnight. Since then, I have been practicing esthetics in Guerneville part-time at June Bug Day Spa as well as opening and expanding my own esthetics business in Downtown Sebastopol. This has been an amazing learning experience!

During my career, I have been blessed to meet and help so many wonderful people. I love how dynamic this industry is. Ever-changing and evolving, there are always new advancements in our understanding of skincare, as well as new approaches to skincare, products, and techniques to master. I constantly seek out professional development opportunities wherever I can. Currently, my certifications include speed waxing, oncology esthetics, spray tanning, and most recently, microblading. 

The Hawaiian Islands provided me with the inspiration for my career. Indeed, they have always been a special place for my family, especially for my beloved dad, with whom I visited the magical islands many times. My dad had so much confidence in me and encouraged me to open my own business. Sadly he passed in 2017, but a few weeks before he did, he looked me right in the eyes and said, " I hope you take things into your own hands."  I knew exactly what he meant! I am grateful to him for so many things, but especially for spurring me on to pursue my dreams on my own terms. I am dedicating my business to my dad’s memory. My passion for esthetics is endless, and I cannot wait to share that passion and my skills with you and ultimately help you attain your skincare goals.

With love,

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